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  • Moisturizes, balances and regulates. Rich in prebiotics and plants, La Crème de Santé provides your skin with ingredients that are essential for its proper functioning and radiance.

  • Apply one pump of La Crème de Santé to a clean, fresh face and neck. Its fluid texture sinks in immediately to provide long-lasting hydration and protection. It can even be used on young skin as a night cream.

  • Main active ingredients: BioEcolia® extract: This prebiotic helps to rebalance, maintain and stimulate the skin's ecoflora – the body's first line of defense against environmental aggressions. By helping good bacteria to grow, to the detriment of "bad" bacteria, it helps keep skin healthy while regulating its pH balance. Calendula: The extract taken from this medicinal flower is known for its softening and healing properties. Roman Chamomile: The flower heads help to combat stress, including skin stress, by calming irritations and reactions. Chamomile is also a mild astringent, which makes it an excellent toner for all skin types. Coconut oil: The oil that keeps on giving! Coconut oil is a marvel of nature that not only delights with its delicious scent, but also works hard to nourish and repair sensitive skin. The texture of coconut oil is easily absorbed, enabling it to deeply moisturize, soothe irritations and soften the skin. Hyssop: Hyssop extract is known to soothe sensitive or irritated skin, reduce redness and relieve skin irritations. Jojoba Oil: Both calming and softening, this easily absorbed oil sinks into the skin without leaving a greasy feel. It protects against dryness and wrinkles by slowing water loss from skin cells. It helps to rebalance the skin and control sebum production, protects and softens, and is suitable for sensitive skin. With regenerating and anti-aging benefits, it works to maintain skin elasticity and suppleness (activates elastin metabolism) and smooth and firm the skin. Lemon Balm: Lemon balm essential oil both purifies and regulates, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and purifying properties. Honey: It invigorates, nourishes, softens and soothes. Rich in sugar, vitamins and amino acids, honey promotes skin hydration, healing and regeneration and helps to calm irritations. Neroli: Neroli hydrosol has a calming, reassuring scent that can help you to fall asleep, so it's perfect before bedtime! Ideal for dry skin, it works to improve suppleness while providing regenerating benefits. With very mild antibacterial properties, it helps to gently restore skin's balance. Tulsi: Native to India, Tulsi is known for its purifying, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Its detoxifying action makes it ideal to deeply purify, diminish redness and control sebum production, to leave skin matte. We have also added: Anthyllis extract, from a plant with remarkable adaptogenic qualities. It helps to stimulate microcirculation, regulate sebum production and refine skin's texture. Babassu oil, which contains a high concentration of tocotrienols, giving it antioxidant properties.

  • Made in France and developed from certified-organic or wild plant extracts, minerals and vitamins, Absolution is designed to restore, maintain and protect the skin’s natural ecosystem. Formulas work to rebalance stressed skin, using effective nutrients and antioxidants to slow the effects of time.

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